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The Emmanuel Children Support Program (Nepal)

"Dalits" or, "Untouchable" Children in Tutunga-Pokhara, Nepal

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A report from Dr. Samuel Rai. (Glory Grace Representative in Nepal):


   The students pictured above are under the care of Emmanuel Children Support Program. They are being greatly benefitted as they have the rare opportunity to study in a well-established English school without being an economical burden to their parents and/or close relatives. many of the children come from impoverished families, the majority of which live below the poverty line. Parents do not find suitable employment to support their family's basic needs of: clothing, food, education, and medicine. Many parents are employed doing physically intensive labor as: construction site laborers, daily wage laborers, cleaners, potters, and drivers; all in a failed attempt to make ends meet.

   In addition to the hard physical work, there is a large culture of alcohol abuse amongst the poverty-stricken Nepalese men. Many men forsake their familial responsibilities for alcohol and spend exorbitant amounts of their earned income engaged in alcoholism and/or other illegal substances. Consequently, physical abuse and extreme poverty leave many now single parented families living in either slums or rented housing. The children and their care are often overlooked as the struggle for survival takes precedence. Therefore, the children and their basic care needs go often overlooked leaving them at risk for parental abandonment, illiteracy, and continuing the cycle of poverty and abuse. 

Poor Living Conditions


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The Emmanuel Children Support Program

 The Emmanuel Children Support Program believes that education is a basic human right. Only education can liberate one from the perpetual cycle of poverty/addiction to become a contributing member of society. Education is the only tool which allows an individual to discover and refine his/her natural talents and capabilities which the student may then use for personal and societal improvement. It has been witnessed from ages and ages that only education paves the way towards advancement, invention, innovation and for creative thinking. 

  By launching The Emmanuel Children Support Program, our commitment and sole objective is to provide a complete and free education to those underprivileged students at any cost. When a particular student is chosen as a suitable candidate for the program his/her education and academic development becomes our number one priority. 

   In addition to delivering a solid English education, The Emmanuel Children Support Program absorbs the following fees:

1. Admission fees, monthly fees, examination fees and tuition fees.

2. Monthly transportation fees

3. Textbook and workbooks

4. School supplies (pencil, pen, eraser etc.)

5. School uniforms (if their family can not afford it)


Some Students and their Impoverished Families








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