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Name: Shrijana Pariyar          
Class: Three
Sex: Female

*Profile: Shrijana Pariyar is studying in class three and she is ten years old. She has altogether 5 members in her family. Her father works in a cycle shop and repairs cycles. Her mother is housewife. Income of the family is very low. Her father can’t afford his children to provide education in a good school. Therefore, at present, Shrijana is able to study free of cost under the Emmanuel Children Support Program in Emmanuel Boarding School. Her family is very happy for giving this opportunity to study in a reputed school.

**Progress ReportShrijana is an average student and still she needs to improve a lot in her studies. Her progressing level is quite up to the mark. In her previous class, she passed with 53.85% and obtained 2nd Division and 15th Rank in the class. 




Name: Sandhya B.K             
Class: Three
Sex: Female

*Profile: Sandhya is nine years old girl living with her parents and another brother. Her family is Hindu but she comes regularly to the church. Her parents are uneducated. Her father is a daily wage worker and mother is housewife. Her father is habituated to drinking alcohol. So the family is facing lots of trouble economically at this moment. They can’t treat him as well. They haven’t their own home, so they live in a rented house which is also burden for them. They are also considered as the lower caste because they are from Ironsmith tribe which is considered as the lower caste of Nepal. So in the society they aren’t helped by the people.

**Progress Report: Under the free scholarship scheme, Sandhya is presently studying in class Three. She is progressing very well in her studies. She is attentive and hardworking student. She secured 10th rank in her last promotion examination, promoted with 1st division and obtained 63.77%.




Name: Khusbu Pariyar                                  
Class: LKG
Sex: Female

*Profile: Khusbu Pariyar is studying in class LKG and she is six years old. She has one younger brother. Her parents are non-believers but Khusbu does come to Sunday school regularly. Her father’s name is Arjun Pariyar and he works as a Painter. Her father’s daily wages is not sufficient to run the family, so there’s no question of sending children for studying in a good school. Khusbu’s family is a lower caste family and they are regarded as untouchables. At present Khusbu is studying under the free scholarship program in Emmanuel Boarding School. Her mother is very grateful towards the school and said it was a great help for her family.

**Progress Report: Khusbu is a very intelligent student and her progress in study is impressive. Her teachers are very happy seeing her progression and she does her homework without fail. She secured 4th rank in her previous class Nursery and achieved Distinction with 82%.




Name: Ashish Pariyar                                    
Class: Four
Sex: Male

*Profile: Ashish Pariyar is the son of Mr. Bal Bahadur Pariyar. There are five members in his family. Ashish’s father works as a daily wage laborer. Therefore the source of income is very low and due to this reason, Ashish was just staying at home. He was deprived of getting good education. At present, under the initiative of Emmanuel Children Support Program, Ashish is able to study freely without being burden to his family.

**Progress Report: As he joined English Medium School directly, he is encountering some difficulties in learning the subjects of the school curriculum. He is working hard and managing to come up in his studies. He got 55.23% in his last promotion exam and secured 15th rank in the class with 2nd division.




Name: Sandip Pariyar                                                
Class: Four
Sex: Male

*Profile: Sandip is eleven years old and his father’s name is Nar Bahadur Pariyar. He has one elder brother and one elder sister. His family is from a lowly caste. His elder brother couldn’t continue his studies due to family’s economic problems. His father is a bus driver and doesn’t earn much money to meet the family needs and moreover he has the habit of drinking alcohol. So, his father spends lots of earning in drinking alcohol. Therefore, he was not sent to school and left with no option of just staying at home.

**Progress Report: At Present, under the Emmanuel Children Support Program, Sandip got the opportunity to study and his family is very happy as well grateful. He is an average student and he need lots of hard work to do well in his studies. He have passed class Two promotion examination with 3rd division and secured 20th rank with 49.54%.





Name: Kusum Pariyar                                               
Class: Five
Sex: Female

*Profile: Kusum Pariyar is 11 years old and she is studying in class Five. She has one brother. She is living with her mother because her father abandoned them and went to India with another woman. Her mother works as a cleaner in the neighbor’s house. She comes regularly in the church but her mother is not a believer. The only source of the income is the mother and she earns only small amount of money which is not sufficient for the family to provide all the needs and facilities. They are living in a small hut in the slum area which is neither safe nor hygienic. They are also considered as a lower caste and untouchable. So they have very unimaginable reputation in the society. Her father is not with them, so it is too difficult for their mother to face the male-oriented society.

**Progress Report: Kusum is now under the care of Emmanuel Children Support Program. She is really progressing well but still needs to focus more in her studies. She didn’t do so well in her last promotion exam and was promoted under consideration. She achieved only 35.86% but her teachers believes that she will do much better in coming days.




Name: Isha B.K                                                                                             
Class: Five
Sex: Female

*Profile: Isha is 10 years old girl and at present she is living with one of her relatives because her father married another woman. Her mother is also not with her as she in the foreign land to work. So, she is now parentless. Her father doesn’t care of her well-being. She comes regularly to the children ministry of the church. She lives with her uncle in the slum area in a small hut. Her uncle is also very poor; she is deprived of many facilities like education, nutritious food, fine clothing as well as love of the parents. Actually we can say that she is helpless and orphan. She belongs from lower caste so she is not treated well by the society.

**Progress Report: She is now being looked after by Emmanuel Children Support Program. She is studying in class Five under Free Scholarship Scheme. She has a great potential to be a better student in the near future. Her teacher speaks well of her and says that she is doing well and progressing well in her studies.  




Name: Adin Pariyar                                                              
Class: Five
Sex: Male

*Profile: Adin is living with his family. He has one younger brother. His father Gopal is a laborer and mother is housewife. Both of his parents are illiterate. The family is Christian but their relatives are Hindus, so they are persecuted by their relatives. Father Gopal is the only source of income so the family is deprived of many needs and facilities. His father is not able to afford education expenses to both of his sons. They haven’t their own house and living in the rented room which takes their half income. Therefore, Adin is being provided free of cost education under Free Scholarship Program.

**Progress Report: Adin have shown tremendous growth in his studies. He has come up in his mark scoring percentage and ranking in the class as reported by his teachers. He passed his last promotion examination with 62.19%, 1st Division and secured 16th rank among 40 students.




Name: Bikash Pariyar                                    
Class: Seven
Sex: Male

*Profile: Bikash is 13 years old. He is living with his step-mother because her mother left his father and went away with another man. His father, Mahendra also went to foreign country for the job. He is almost abandoned by his step-mother because he is neither being cared, fed well nor have any concern for his education. He regularly comes to the church but his parents are Hindus.Bikash’s father does earn money but it doesn’t matter to him about the money because he gets nothing from the family. He is from lower caste, so it is also burden to him because the society doesn’t treat him well. So in these all situation, he feels very sad and lonely. He has no way to go and shares his feelings. He weeps sometimes for these situations. May God give him the way and we are praying to the Lord Almighty to bless his life abundantly.

**Progress Report: At present, Bikash have the opportunity to study in Emmanuel Boarding School under the Free Scholarship Program. He is very glad as well he is progressing significantly in his studies. He obtained 66% (1st Div.) and stood 6th rank in the class during last promotion exam. In the recently conducted first terminal examination, he secured 2nd position in his class.





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