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Feeding Centres

Glory Grace International Ministries supports a feeding ministry at Sovereign Grace Church in the community of Lenin Nagar within the city of Vijayawada. This city is the third largest in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Project Cost: $220/month.

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The community is very poor and consists of low-caste inhabitants. It is also vulnerable to flooding by the Krishna river during the rainy season. The church, led by Pastor Boaz, offers a meal twice weekly to the needy children of the area. Up to 50 children attend each feeding session.

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One child who attends is a seven year old called Deepika (above, right). She is blind and handicapped with a twin brother and a younger sister. Her mother died a year ago from a snake bite. They stay with their grandmother and have many needs.

Joythi (above, left) also attends and is 11 years old. Her father is dead, and she stays with her mother and sister. Her mother is working and trying to provide.

Arachna is another young girl that benefits from this ministry. She is 8 years old and comes with her older brother Deva. Their father committed suicide, and they stay with their mother who works as a servant as she strives to provide. They live in a very poor setting. These are just a few examples of the children who benefit from this very essential ministry in the community of Lenin Nagar. With additional support, more children can be fed and more often.  

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