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Gift to an Orphan Child


Gift to an Orphan Child - Annual Sponsorship


Gift to Orphan and Widows Feeding Centre


How does Glory Grace intend to serve Orphans?

Glory Grace has a strong desire to minister to societal outcasts by building orphanages administered by various indigenous church networks. As our focus is to share the love of Christ with broken hearts and lives, each orphan will receive a Christ-centered education and skill training for a crucial reintegration into society.

Orphans will be nurtured and cared for by Christian widows who will fulfill the roles of 'house mothers', cooks, and community builders.

In order to gain economical independence, orphans will develop skills including a fluency in the English (business) language, basic computer knowledge.

Our hope is to train future pastors, missionaries, nurses, teachers, along with practical trades.


 How does Glory Grace intend to serve Orphans in the Philippines?

Born out of sheer necessity, this ministry has begun by purchasing 12 Acres of land in Panay, Philippines at a cost of $30,000, to establish a self-supporting orphanage run by widows under the pastoral oversight and governance of the Conservative Bible Fellowship.

Our vision is to have 50 orphans and 10 Christian widows, shaping lives through the Christian School and a Chapel to be built on-site.

The orphanage will be self-sufficient, food will be provided by livestock and farming. We will need to raise an additional $35,000 for the building. The land will ensure self-sufficiency.

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