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Micro Enterprises: Sewing Machines


How does Glory Grace help alleviate poverty and suffering?

Glory Grace helps to alleviate poverty and suffering with two key projects:

Goat Ministry

As part of the Sylvie's Goat project, a poverty-stricken family is provided with a single goat to rear and sell after a period of one year. The sale of the year-old goat provides enough funds to purchase an additional five goats and enables the family to pay off the loan taken to care for the original goat. A young adult female goat will alleviate poverty.

Sylvie's Goat Project: $160

Sewing Machine

In the Glory Grace Sewing Machine Project, a sewing machine is loaned to a poverty-stricken family or widow along with skill training to cultivate economic freedom and self-sufficiency. Families and widows are then given opportunity to become engaged in a small business in order to earn income.

Sewing Machine Project: $120

  Photos of sewing ministry at Vijayawada - Boaz's Church & Goat ministry
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