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Help Redeem a Bond-Slave


Redeem a Bond-Slave


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Ministry to Temple Prostitutes 

The picture above shows Jyothi our feeding program coordinator.

 Glory Grace seeks to reach out with Christ's redeeming love to young women dedicated from childhood or in their youth to act as sex-slaves (devadasi) for their temple deity. Parents often give their daughters as a result of poverty, or to please their Hindu deity.The parents then expect to receive blessings from the temple gods. 

 We are currently reaching out to temples prostitutes in the east coast of Andreah Pradesh. Our methodology is to support the ex-temple prostitute in a variety of ways: physical (medical), spiritual (Gospel), social (Fellowship) and economic (skills training) needs. 

 The young women need your support as they face ongoing social pressure from: family, community and temple leaders.

 Once they abandon the temple deity, our role is to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment as they adjust from temple slavery to freedom. Our program includes: food, clothing and literacy. In addition, our economic provision involves skills training: sewing, maggam embroidery and saree painting. 

Glory Grace currently supports outreach workers to bring the love of Christ to temple prostitutes. In addition, we are currently funding a feeding program which serves 15 women but needs to expand to 40 women. 

Can you help partner with us?

Total sponsor outreach to temple prostitutes: $160/month 

  (This includes medical care, food, clothing & teaching skills)


*The picture above shows Jyothi our feeding program coordinator.


How do we intend to redeem bond-slaves?

 Struggling parents who are in debt offer their sons to slave masters for payment. By charging an impossibly high interest rate, the slave owner knows that the boy will never be able to earn his way out of bondage to freedom. Glory Grace has a protocol in place that provides the redemption price for these bond-slaves and helps to alleviate their families from the financial strains of poverty.

Current redemption price: $1,500 

Ministry to Prostitutes: Vijayawada 

 Glory Grace reaches out to sex-workers in the Vijayawada region who sell their bodies as a result of poverty and destitution. We currently sponsor two full-time outreach workers: Sugna & Radha.They have a compassionate heart for this vital ministry. HIV/Aids awareness campaigns are offered, along with free monthly medical camps. To help provide for their economic needs we offer skills training and literacy programs.

 Total sponsor outreach to commercial prostitutes: $160/month.


Hepsiba (worker) distributing rice. 

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