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Typhonn Haiyai Relief: Update #21

Island Gigante Sur (February 12, 2014)


The greatest need in this island Gigante Sur is food, fishing boats, and fish nets. Their sources of livelihood were destroyed by the typhoon and until this time their boats are not yet mended.  The residents are very thankful for the help they received in repairing some boats and fishing nets. We helped 3 widows also who are much needy in this island and are very grateful for the help they received. Thanks for the Glory Grace Ministries.


This woman lives in this “dog-house” looking residence. She is very grateful to receive help for the repair of her house.


This boy is happy to receive his rice and some    groceries.


This is Pastor Espinosa of Nazarene Church in the said island. His house is broken. He is very thankful for the help he received for the repair of his house. He said, “SALAMAT SA GLORY GRACE MINISTRIES NGA NABULIGAN AKO”.  Thanks for the Glory Grace Ministries for helping me.


We gave also some chairs to the needy.

“Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, … he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity, he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness…”

Romans 12:6,8

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #20

Island Gigante Norte (February 11, 2014)

There are two islands visited within three days – Gigante Norte and Gigante Sur Islands. This is an open sea island which took us 3 hours by pump boat. It is indeed scary for many to reach and bring help to these islands because of the rough sea. And so the people are desperately in need. Praise God we were there for three days as we work with one pastor who labored for Christ in these islands.


Island Gigante Norte (w/ 1000 households)                                                                                              Island Gigante Sur (w/ 1100 households)


You see how that strong typhoon removed the roof of this church building. Soon this building will be repaired.



Hungry children are thankful for the help and 17 widows are happy to receive their food and money for house repair.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #19

This is the Leprosarium in the town of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. There are almost 100 patients and many of them have no more arms, legs, nose, and other parts of their body. We gave them food, groceries, slippers and other personal care. The patients are expressing their gratitude to the Glory Grace Ministries as Warlito always mention that this help comes from the said Christian Org. in Canada.


Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #18

Orphanage in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo (Feb. 1, 2014)


The ongoing repair of this orphanage building is challenging. The roof was also damaged during the typhoon. Praise God, the orphans, who are staying in this building are safe. We helped them by giving them food, slippers, clothing, and some grocery items.


This is Pastor Decain, the director and pastor of the church and orphanage. He said,

"I thank the Lord for the Glory Grace and Pastor Warlito of CRBC, Iloilo for honoring our request to visit our orphanage and to help in our great need. May God bless you all."

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #17

Report - January 2014

WHAT: Typhoon Relief Operation (giving of rice, groceries, and help 8 widows for food and houses repair)
WHERE:Three Mountain Villages in the town of Janiuay, Iloilo (2 hours by drive from Iloilo City)
WHEN: January 31, 2014
WHO: People from three village churches who gathered in one accessible place


Telling Bible story to children before giving something to eat


Christians and non-Christians fell in line to receive groceries and rice


Eight widows were comforted by listening to the Word of God and were so happy to receive their food and houses to be repaired.


Widows raising their hands to say, "Thanks for the Glory Grace Ministries!"


Pastor Marte

Pastor Marte said, "Thank you Glory Grace Ministries for your love by extending help for the hungry and helping our church repair. It is now concrete and strong."

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #16


We thank the Lord - more or less there were 100 pastors who attended today. Pastor Ramon and Warlito gave a lecture concerning the necessity of regeneration and reformation then followed by distribution of relief goods. Each pastor received a bag of rice, clothes, tools, medicine, groceries and books sent by Ray Tibbs. Most of the Books of the pastors were gone during the typhoon. Ray Tibbs sent 5 big boxes of books and Sunday Materials for children. Here are the pictures.

Rossini G. Monsalud


Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #15

(Barotac Viejo, Iloilo)

This is Pastor Jesse, the headman and pastor of the Ati Tribe here in Nagpana Mountian, part of Barotac Viejo.


People in this mountain were greatly affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. Trees were uprooted and their farm, which is the main source of their living, were destroyed. Their houses are made of light materials and so they were all destroyed. There 171 families in this mountain village and we were able to extend the help through giving of rice, groceries and clothes. "Thanks for the Glory Grace" the pastor said.


Children were psychologically affected and these young pastors taught them to trust the Lord. They had games, songs and Bible stories.


Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #14

(Buaya Village, Island Sicogon, Estancia, Iloilo)

Estancia is the last town of Iloilo in the northern part where fishing is the primary occupation. To reach Sicogon Island from the main land, you have to ride a motor boat and this will take you for 2 hours. It is a beautiful island with 4 villages. The largest village is the Buaya village with 400 families, more than 5,000 population including children.


Forty-five (45) sacks of rice were loaded in the boat including some volunteer pastors. Imagine, crossing this open sea facing huge waves is not a joke. This is the reason why many of the NGO's and government official don't want to go to this island. Praise God we were able to reach the island and bring food for the hungry.

03-2.jpgPastor Reniel, the pastor and the headman of this village, was given money to renovate his church and his house. Along with this, rice was being distributed to each family on this village but before doing this, the Word of God was preached to the people. This is the largest relief operation.



03-4.jpg(Pastor Reniel)

Pastor Reniel said,

"Dear Donors, Thanks for your love and generosity. If not for the love of God in your hearts you cannot do this – helping the needy. The people here are very happy for what they receive. Thanks also for the Glory Grace Ministries which God has used for His glory. May His mercy and grace be upon you always."

"If I give all my possession to feed the poor... but do not have love, it profits me nothing."(I Cor. 13:3)

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #13

(Northern Panay)

1.Pastor John of Sarah Baptist Church: "Thanks for Glory Grace extending help to our church and members' needs – food and building materials".


2.Two pastors standing in their broken church buildings extended their thanksgiving in helping them rebuild the edifices. Furthermore, they would like to thank the Glory Grace and the help given to their church members in the two villages in Sarah, Iloilo.


3.Two pastors in the island of Polopina (Pastor Rene and Pastor Deocampo) were very thankful for the help extended to them from Glory Grace Ministries by giving rice, tools, medicines and building materials. All their members were so glad to receive the help.


4.Pastor Hanken Herida is standing in his damaged church and house but expressing his joy for the help extended to them from Glory Grace and the fifty families of his church who were given rice.


5.Pastor Porras of Barotac Viejo standing in front of his damaged church, now has complete roofing. The 25 families of his church received rice, clothes and groceries.  Thanks for the relief the Glory Grace extended. He was teary-eyed to receive the blessings.


6.This is another pastor in the island of Concepcion who received help. He is living in a tent since his church and house were totally damaged by the typhoon. He has 15 families in his church who also received help. Praise God for food, and some building materials.


Dear Donors, This is a humble service given to these men of God who really need help since the relief goods did not reach in these islands and villages.

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”  (I Cor. 15:58)

3.Two pastors in the island of Polopina (Pastor Rene and Pastor Deocampo) were very thankful for the help extended to them from Glory Grace Ministries by giving rice, tools, medicines and building materials. All their members were so glad to receive the help.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #12

Project #5 (Bantayan Island, Cebu)

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Ps. 24:1-2

It was Monday early morning of a clear sky when I went to Bantayan Island, Cebu. I rode in a cargo ship to get there which take 2 hours to get to the island. The island is composed of three big towns – Madridejos, Santa Fe and the Bantayan Central, which the church of Pastor Pejano is located.


I went straight to the church of Pastor Bonnie Pejano. There I met the church elders and deacons to plan on how to give the relief goods in this community especially those members of the church affected by the killer typhoon.


Eighty-five percent (85%) of the budget given was for the procurement of galvanized iron (tin sheets), plywood, nails, food for the workers, rice, and woods for the three churches and 29 families affected, who are members of the 3 churches, in the place. Over the counter medicines were also bought.


One woman, Ate Nene, who has been in the island for 30 years as missionary, asked for assistance. Her house has been used for children's ministry and housing of some orphaned children in the community. Now some of the roofs were gone. She was given materials for roofing and some plywood.


One of the three pastors mentioned was Pastor John. This is the church that we also helped.


On January I will be q follow-up evaluation of all churches that we helped so that we can use the remaining amount. I, and the elders of the church slept a little and do more just to finish the task entrusted to us. The smile of the people here are indescribable to the help we gave them. They are very thankful and grateful for this.

"We praise the Lord for the good people who helped us financially - their kind and gracious deed which manifest the love and mercy of God in their lives. We thank also the Glory Grace International Ministries through Bob Penhearow and Pastor Warlito who brought the help and who partnered with us in this wondrous endeavor. Indeed, the Lord be magnified!" (Pastor Bonnie Pejano and members)

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #11

Project #3 (Leyte Area)

Bob, We did many things in Leyte and I did not find some our students. Maybe they already left the place. We help also in buying medicines, roofing materials, rice and canned goods. I will report for Bantayan after few days. WE thank the Lord for the pastors who volunteered in the giving of the relief goods.  -- Warlito

1. Giving of Rice to 30 families in Naval, Beliran, Leyte.  These families lost their houses.


2. Giving of roofing materials to the 5 pastors in other towns  Leyte namely Pastor Ritchie Lozada, Pastor Gorgonio Monsalud, Pastor Archie Alvarez, Pastor Pampilo Villotes and Pastor Rosalio Son.


Thanks from the people of the Philippines:


"Dear Donors, Back of me was my church but now it’s gone. Thanks for the help!"  -- Pastor Melita Carmen


"Dear Donors, This is now the picture of my church building. Thanks for your help!"  --  Pastor Negad


“I am standing here on the floor of my church but the building is gone. Thanks for your help!”  -- Pastor Richie Lozada (Palaraw, Leyte)


“My wife and I and the two kids survived though we lost our house and church building. All our members are greatly affected. Thanks for helping us!”  -- Pastor Gorgonio Monsalud (Landmark Baptist Church, Naval, Leyte)


“Thanks for helping my church and broken parsonage. For now we are living temporarily in the part of the building which is not totally destroyed.”


“I’m a wife of Pastor Alvarez and we both survived the ordeal of the typhoon. We lost our home and food is scarce. WE and the members of the church thank you for your extended  help!”  -- Beliran Baptist Church, Leyte


The hungry boy cooked rice after receiving it. With him  is his mother. “Salamat kayo!” (Thanks!)


“I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) but I survived from that killer typhoon. I hid in the tunnel during the storm surge. My other friends died and I was the one left. Thanks for helping me buy a guitar for me to survive for my psychological debriefing and earn a living!”

Bob,We did many things in Leyte and I did not find some our students. Maybe they already left the place. We help also in buying medicines, roofing materials, rice and canned goods. I will report for Bantayan after few days. WE thank the Lord for the pastors who volunteered in the giving of the relief goods.Warlito

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #10

!!Thank you!!

Dear Ptr. Bob,

God is so good that in all things God works for the good of those who love HIM, who have been called according to His purpose.

Its was amazing how God use us in this island. I have made our 2nd delivery of the housing materials and they have initially distributing. My 3rd trip will be next week as the stocks of corrugated tin sheets was not yet available in the hardware it needs to be order due to the market demand all of our hardware store have no stocks of tin sheets hopefully next week.


Here is an amazing story the church who took care of the distribution has 17 widows/widowers only 7 of them have qualified for the help as the rest of them have good support from their children. I have took a picture 3 of them who came for the initial distribution and I learned that 1 widow was is the makeshift house who is half body paralyze. I minister to her and prayed together with me is the pastor's wife. The widow was so happy that tears of joy flow from her eyes even as I go and she was so thankful for the help. She is already a Christian it was already 2 months now since from her stroke attack. Her children carry her to the church at their back. My heart was touch of her dedication to worship the Lord. On my trip next week I will bring a wheel chair for her easy access going to the church.


All of the non believers beneficiaries agreed to attend bibles to be conducted by ptr. Roy. As they are open to hear and receive the gospel.

Continue to pray for the after effect of the disaster still fresh onto their minds and earthquake aftershock still be felt from time to time. We need your prayers and ask God to guide us to His word to comfort and to heal their emotion from fears.


I will meet Ptr. Warlito tomorrow Sunday and go with him to Bantayan Island to bring help to the 5 pastor's who have studied in William Carey School of Theology an on the next day he plan to go to Leyte, Ormoc and Tacloban.

Thank you Ptr. Bob, God bless and keep you always
Thank you Glory Grace International Ministries.

In His care,

Ptr. Wene Po

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #9

Project #5 (Bantayan Island - Cebu)

Praise the Lord! About $9,000 has been raised from three USA churches to help in Bantayan Island.

  • Faith Bible Church, Georgia
  • Killeen Bible Church, Killen, TX
  • First Baptist Church of Carmel, Indiana Inc.


The Relief Fund has been used in six different projects. May the name of our Lord be praised!


Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update#8

Report from Iligan City

Greetings! This is Ptr. Narciso Aringoy of Iligan City and I just visited Bantayan Island, and here are the pictures of the effects of typhoon Yolanda to the church building in Bantayan led by Pastor Bonifacio Pejano. Thanks for the help!





Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #7

Report from Malapascua


We are now spending the material cost that we bought is already  Php 367,500.00 that is  already 91% for the materials as our chairman have faith that the remaining amount will be enough for the transport, meals for the evangelistic team but I will determine tomorrow how many will commit. They have a training now how to do debriefing and counseling as they go and share the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We have finalized the numbers of families will benefit the help. 42 families totally damaged 22 are christian families and 50 partly damaged families 36 are christian families and the housing materials were being bought but some of the tin sheets we need to order for 3 days to prepare cause hardware here are out of stocks. So we plan to distribute first delivery on Tuesday. When I have ask for the hardware to deliver the materials to Maya they given us a charge of Php 30,000.00 1 time delivery. So our church chairman give me an option to save the cost so he allow us to use his small delivery truck only the fuel will be replenished that will cost 2,000.00 for fuel  per trip, we need to have 3 trips to Maya so we will schedule it for three days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as the stock will be available. Praise God for his generosity likewise you are right the people in Malapascua contribute and volunteer that they will be responsible to load and unload the materials from Maya to Malapascua and this is the challenging moment of this extra miles of service to the Lord.


Wilma recommended 7 families in her neighborhood though  I give her 10 families slot. Praise God by God's wisdom we are the first to help the community with housing materials which the totally damage house can really have a shelter for his family; rain and heat of the sun can no longer be a hindrance for them to have a good rest specially for the children.


Continue to pray for a safe travel of the materials and also evangelistic team from my church will go ahead and share the love of Jesus to the people affected by the typhoon Yolanda.


Lots of prayers and help to the huge need that we know only God can make something good in this calamity as He use the christian to share the free gift of salvation to the hunger soul..

To God be All The Glory!


In His vineyard,   

Pastor Wene

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #6


Iloilo, Philippines

November 15, 2013

1. We have helped: Pastor Reynaldo Baya – (a pastor from Pototan, Iloilo) his house was damaged by the typhoon.


Dear Donors, “Thanks for helping us rebuild our house.”

2. We have helped: Pastor Roberto Gargoles – (a pastor from Garden Baptist Church, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo ) his house and church were damaged by the typhoon.


Dear Donors, “Thanks for helping me in times like this. I did not expect your help. To God be the glory! From my family and members.

3. We have helped: Pastor Graciano Porras Jr. – (a pastor of Aglanot Baptist Church, Dumarao, Capiz  ) all his members’ houses and 2 churches were vanished by the typhoon. He is pastoring 2 churches in 2 villages.


To the Donors, “Salamat nga madamu sa inyo kayo.” (Thanks for all your love and kindness and your help.)

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #5


Hi everyone,

I'm in the KL airport en-route to India.

Warlito has sent me a quick update, here it is.

In Christ,



Iloilo, Philippines



1. We are helping Aling Letty with her children – a widow with 5 children, who lost her house during the typhoon, from ESTANCIA, ILOILO.



To the donors,

"Thank you very much for giving me money to rebuild my house and food to eat."


2. We are helping: Pastor Reynaldo Pauden ( Tribal Pastor)



Pastor Reynaldo's church was smashed during the typhoon Yolanda in the mountains of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.



To the donors,

"We praise the Lord for your kind heart and your help to us as typhoon survivors. Thank you for giving us money to rebuild the church here in the tribal area of Barotac Viejo." From the Pastor and the members.


3. We are helping: Mang Simo



 Mang is an elderly man in Concepcion, Iloilo. Here he is pointing to his damaged house.



 To the donors,

Salamat gid sa paghatag mo sa akon sang akon atop sa balay”. (Thanks for giving me money for my house roofing.)


4. We are helping: Pastor John Richie and members of this church



The church members are thankful for the help - for food, and repair of the church building. Around this church, all houses are wrecked.


5. We are helping: Aling Gregoria from Nangka, Barotac Viejo



To the donors,

Thank you very much for the money you gave. This is for my medicine, food and house repair damaged during Typhoon Yolanda.


6. We are helping Children in Estancia, Iloilo (northern part of Panay)



The children grab the leaves of the coconut tree and shake it for them to eat the coconut fruit. They had no food to eat within 3 days right after the typhoon.

To the donors,

“Salamat nga madamu sa pagkaon nga ginhatag ninyo.” (Thank you for the food you gave us.) 

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #4


Glory Grace

Just a quick update...

Warlito has been ministering to the pastoral network in Panay.

Now Warlito teams up with Wene from Cebu and heads north of Cebu to the island to Malapascua.En-route across 8-Km of open water, the Banka breaks down and they get a tow!

1.jpg 2.jpg


They are assessing needs with Pastor Roy of a small evangelical church on the Island. The current primary needs are building materials, in which they are discussing logistics.


Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #3

Glory grace International Ministries

Dear Friends

Thank you for your ongoing prayers with regard to the Philippines and especially Warlito and Wene who are mobilizing efforts and focussing energies. We are working in and through the churches - encouraging and equipping them to reach out to their respective communities. Our prayers are that many will turn to Christ and be eyewitnesses of Christ's love working in and through His church.

As you know the Island of Leyte was hit first, then Cebu (where I am ) and then Panay (Warlito/Carey School). Some relief funds have already been sent and distributed to needy pastors and churches in Panay. Tonight I meet with Warlito and Wene to discuss Northern Cebu as far as Malapascua. Warlito will then be moving on to Leyte which has been highlighted in the news. By mid-week: $40,000 will have go from Canada. I hope to report to you soon Relief Funds sent from UK.

Friends, because of the slow response, desperate men, do desperate things, in desperate circumstances. Gangs are now roving North Panay (our school is in the south), Cebu (I'm safe in Cebu City) and Leyte. Relief workers are unsafe, police and soldiers are required to accompany them. This also slows everything down. Equipping Christian Filipinos to reach the Filipinos community for Christ is the best plan.

Warlito confirms this, even in Panay:


Just arrive from different islands and we still have many pastors in the island of panay that needs help, the money is being used wisely and i will show you what we have done. 

the greatest need here is their place to stay so we focus on roofing, food, wood, mats. i tried to manage the money that we can help many people. Sometimes dangerous along the way because people are desperate and that is why the relief operation needs one police or soldier. In our case we did it carefully that people could not think that we have something for the victims, so i coordinate with pastors in every place so we are safe. I can explain to you tomorrow wth wene. We should help our leyte pastors so from cebu i will proceed to leyte. 

I got the money the second 10,000;00 dollars for malapascua the 3rd one is coming and i suggest to use it to our students in leyte pastors if you will agree once arrive. Its up to you but they are suffering greatly. 

Where can we meet tomorrow evening? 

I am coordinating with the churches in the Central Visayas where the Typhoon struck: Leyte, Cebu & Panay. My role is near completion: communicating with the West, organizing point men, coordinating efforts and establishing priorities.Once done, the rest is in the hands of the Filipino churches and pastors. I'm not doing much really, wish I could do more.

  • Pray for our meeting strategy tonight in Cebu, may the Lord be glorified in ALL things. 
  • Pray for Warlito and Wene  - front line men who are bearing the load. 


            If you are in Canada and are moved to help please send donations to:

            Glory Grace International Ministries

            17a-218 Silvercreek Pkwy. N. Suite #338, Guelph ON

            N1H 8E8

Please email us at if you have any further questions.

Will keep you posted...

Every Blessing, Bob 

Cebu City

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #2


As you know a super-Typhoon (5+)  ploughed through Leyte (students), Cebu (I am now) & Panay (Warlito/students). Katrina was a mere( 3) on the scale. This is perhaps one of the greatest Typhoons ever in recorded history.

We are only now discovering the extend of deaths and damage. The full extend will not be known for months. Communication remains a challenge here, phones not working, power-lines down etc.

Warlito is in great distress (see email received 10-min ago). I have informed him that families are more important than church buildings.

We MUST move fast!








Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Update #1
Dear supporters of Glory Grace International Ministries,

This newsletter represents an emergent cry for help from our Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ.

At this very moment our fellow believers are enduring the unspeakable horrors of Typhoon Haiyan's aftermath. If there was ever a time to rally as the body of Christ under the reign of Jesus Christ, it is today.

As you have heard, on Friday November 8, super typhoon Haiyan (known as "Yolanda" within the Philippines) pummeled through the Central Visayas. With winds of 195 mph, gusts of 235 mph, and waves as high as 5m (15ft), Haiyan represents the strongest tropical cyclone hitting land in recorded history. With 4 million plunged into turmoil, body counts rising to 10,000 in the province of Tacloban alone, and thousands of Filipinos searching for loved ones among body-lined streets, desperation has cast a shadow over the Philippines. Communication to remote areas is still down. 

In the providence of God, Bob Penhearow was present when the super-Typhoon hit Cebu. In anticipation of the terrifying typhoon passing through Cebu en-route to Iloilo, Pastor Bob instructed local pastors back in Iloilo to seek refuge in the Carey School of Theology building in hopes that its concrete walls would offer added protection compared to the plastic and bamboo constructed houses of many students and pastors. In God's great mercy, the lives of our Coordinator Warlito Monsalud and others were spared but some of their Christian brothers and sisters were called to Glory. Warlito's brother in Leyte and others remain missing.

With overwhelming grief, Brother Warlito Monsalud appealed to Bob in Cebu for help:

"I have confirmed that five churches of ours have been totally destroyed with their pastors now temporarily in the evacuation center. They are asking for financial help both for their house[s] and church buildings. I am still expecting more news from our churches in different islands."

He describes the damage to the Carey Outreach Building in which he took refuge. He shares that fellow pastors and bible students have returned to find their homes reduced to rubble and their loved ones missing. Warlito ends with a cry for help: "What shall I do? Can you help me carry this burden?"

My dear brothers and sisters, as members of the same Body of Christ we are called to answer his plea and help carry his burden. As our Saviour has reminded us: "For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in; I was naked, and you clothed me .... Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me" (Matthew 25:25-40).

Warlito's plea is not an isolated one. In Haiyan's aftermath, multitudes of men, women and children are seeking answers. Our prayer is that through the desperation and destruction of typhoon Haiyan, many will come to believe and find hope and comfort in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Just North of Cebu.

In response, by faith, Glory Grace International Ministries is sending $10,000. If you feel so lead, please join us in giving generously to support Warlito, our fellow believers, and the Sovereign Grace Baptist churches in the Central Visayas. Let us continue to pray fervently for the safety of Filipino church leaders, the training of future pastors through the William Carey school of Theology, and the humanitarian aid offered through Glory Grace International Ministries.


For more information and updates on our continued ministry in the Philippines please visit our website at Please make cheques payable to Glory Grace International Ministries. We are located at 17A-218 Silvercreek Pkwy N. Suite #338, Guelph ON, N1H 8E8. 

Please pray!


In Christ, 

Janie Penhearow



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Glory Grace Children's Home in Nepal




Greetings to you in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Glory Grace Children's Home has been taken off a very critical situation for the education of these needy children. The children suffered without food and clothes many times, even though God was so faithful and provided things needed for these children. Now we have thirteen children, one House Mother and one Home Teacher to take care of them. Please pray and make contribution towards this home. They will be blessed that they can continue their education. 

I have presented not only education but also the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and five of them are already baptized. These children need your helping hands for their bright future.

Thanks for what you have done in past years. I look forward to your help in the coming years.

Yours in His Service, 
Samuel Rai Coordinator Nepal


2013 Prayer requests for Glory Grace Children's Home  


  1. This children's home needed a very good building. We are praying for US $90,000 to buy a house. We also need US $20,000 for a motor van for school and to attend the church service.
  2. Need for monthly schooling and food.
  3. Need for games, sports and music instruments.
  4. Need a motor bike for a shopping run and for any emergency works.


On the behalf of these children I would like to request prayer.

Please see our "Ministries" page for more information.




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